The day FIDE temporarily moved to Buenos Aires and Mr. Augusto De Muro was elected its President: Closer to the recognition by the world entity of a historical truth

By Sergio E. Negri & Juan S. Morgado

When we originally wrote in 2018 in Spanish an article (later revised and expanded) on a historical episode that was at the bottom of the chest of memories, pertaining to the day that FIDE decided to move its headquarters to Buenos Aires and elect Argentine Mr. Augusto de Muro as President of the world federative entity (as a result of the start of hostilities that gave rise to what will immediately be called World War II), of course we intended to reflect a forgotten factual truth.

But, additionally, we had the hope that institutionally it would be operated to recognize some facts that had fallen within the framework of what we call, somewhat bitterly, as the product of a “historical surgery”.

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